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Blending behavioral economics, technology and consultancy we identify behavioral segments and drivers that deliver sustainable growth and efficiencies. Our unique methodology allows us to detect high potential conversion moments while optimizing marketing spend.

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Geometry intelligence was created with one single purpose: to help brand owners accelerate both brand and category growth with a customized approach to specific behavioral segments.

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Our approach is channel agnostic. Using our proprietary platform, enriched by an algorithm- enhanced engine, we are able to segment customers and potential customers by purchasing behaviors, we identify correlation between touchpoints and behaviors, triggers, barriers, drivers, steps in the journey that show high propensity to conversion, moments that matters, occasions that drive different choices, needs states that influence journeys and we assess the gap between brand proposition and purchase behaviors, filling the gap with our “align to grow” methodology.

Our output is a lean data set that can inform decision making models that can drive growth.

We deliver on optimizing

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Assess current


Our process begins by seeking to understand rational and emotional barriers to purchase.

Using our diagnostic tool, we align these understandings with company stakeholders to create a preliminary hypothesis which we use to challenge category buyers. With this methodology, we unlock the center of gravity of growth opportunities.

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Build a hypothesis

of category


Aligning with client business goals, we engage with existing brand buyers and category buyers through a creative exercise led by psychologists to uncover the “why” behind steps and decisions made along the purchase process.

Drilling down into these insights, we redefine our hypothesis and ask our research groups to reconstruct their answers based on the “why”, and specifically the rational and emotional variables that have prompted them.

Build hypothesis of category behavior

We focus on the “why”

a decision is taken, to understand

and influence behaviors.



the journey

Pathfinder, our proprietary suite of tools, delivers unique purchase decision journey insights gathering and analysis by combining qualitative and quantitative; visual interaction; research and tracking.
The methodology focuses on the design of journey maps and identifies each step and experience taken by shoppers during the decision-making process. It reveals the exact factors that influence decision-making and shopper behavior changes along the journey.

The Pathfinder algorithmic engine aggregates thousands of unique journeys and through pattern recognition it builds a model of typical behaviors in a specific category.

This forms the basis of our analysis – which we transform into meaningful and effective data & insights.

Build hypothesis of category behavior



powerful and

relevant insights

Develop powerful and relevant insights output

We deliver a comprehensive report covering behavioral archetypes active in the category, their specific journeys, the triggers, barriers, insight territories and drivers that will accelerate brand and business growth. The report is completed with touchpoint maps relevant to each behavioral segment inclusive of positive and negative correlation to conversion.

gap analysis



But we don’t stop there. We can investigate further. We investigate where gaps exist between the Clients’ business proposition and the consumer need at those steps with high propensity to convert. We align the offer and demand with a blend of “innovation & technology”, “change management”, ”digital transformation & communication” activities.

The result is a clear, focused action plan with activity ranked against the conversion potential for each behavioral segment. We then work with our clients and our partners to drive the implementation of those actions

Gap Analysis at key influencing steps

case studies

Our growth

driver stories

Our methodology and tools help identify the actions required to drive growth, those are usually a blend of interventions ranging from

  • Change management

  • Innovations

  • Optimizing communication

A telecom brand with smaller market share than its competitors adopted a challenger strategy and Geometry Intelligence was invited to help to drive rapid growth in this very complex market. The task was to identify growth drivers and audit the brand proposition mix against business goals.

We advised our client to leverage personalization and pursue a focused segment approach. To safeguard rapid and material growth, our methodology identified six behavioral segments in the mobile category and seven behavioral segments in the broadband category. The cumulated opportunities presented approximately $1 billion of monthly revenue potential. The client implemented the learnings and recommendations effectively by focusing on segment strategies, and has since been enjoying a double-digit growth rate for multiple years.

How do you drive greater effectiveness for a car brand’s dealer network where conversion lagged significantly behind showroom visits at the launch of an exciting new model?

We were tasked to deliver data analytics to measure footprint propensity to purchase prior to showroom visit and predict conversion post-showroom visit. We were also invited to improve retail management efficiency and develop a strategy to increase conversion post visit.

The prime discovery was that sales staff lacked knowledge and resource of when and how to communicate with customers.

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Our innovative technological solution not only established the optimum days and times to mobilize staff, it also mapped customer behavior during the dealer visit, indicating valuable insights that were used to drive conversion at “reconnect” phase.

Results showed significant savings from an increase in operational efficiency of the dealership staff. New model sales growth was achieved by recontacting the customer after the visit, using the specific detail of their interactions in the dealership. This provided customers with a tailored message focusing on the features of the car model to which they showed the most interest.

A leading global airline was set to launch new routes connecting its home hub directly to several long-haul destinations. Our client’s home hub airport alone sees over 120 airlines flying to more than 200 destinations. Airline services extend from low-cost to premium service carriers.

The objective was two-fold: to generate awareness around the new routes, and, effectively compete against low-cost carriers - all within a highly competitive industry where business and leisure travelers are fiercely targeted by a growing number of players.

Geometry Intelligence was challenged on three fronts. Firstly, find the best route to market to launch new destinations in a distinctive way. Secondly, deliver the optimum competitive strategy to offset the threat of low-cost carriers. Thirdly, increase frequency of purchase.

Our Journey Analytics revealed a complex, long journey in the travel category: purchase decision making takes place over many months and usually a few times a year.

According to our learning, this journey has five distinct phases from inspiration to destination, and different mind-sets at each phase.

To deliver distinctiveness and to increase frequency, a focused message strategy required addressing the different sets of behavior, embedding the positive values associated to the specific destinations being promoted.

To counter low-cost carrier threat, we did not want to compete on pricing – territory owned by the low-cost airlines. However, we recommended a focus on steps in the purchase journey which connected value to the experience of travelling with a premium airline at a fair price.



for growth

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Here at Geometry Intelligence, we capture innovation, change management and communication optimization in a growth roadmap built on business insight, customer business constraints and competitive analysis.

Our feasibility planning is created with action set against clear business goals. Our consultancy partners with client leadership to deliver agreed activity and rigorously benchmark against results.


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Our people

We are a multidisciplinary team. We are marketers and analysts who are passionate about journey analytics and the science around it. We are driven by the power of data & insights, our currency to fulfil our curiosity when analyzing and studying a phenomenon from a number of different perspectives.


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